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Code of Conduct

South Florida Football Academy  Code of Conduct

SFFA has extremely high expectations from everyone in the club, whether they are on or off the field. We recognize as a club that the Directors, Coaches, Board Members, Players and Parents all represent the club and its appearance at all times. Together we develop and together we succeed.

The following commitments and expectations are not intended to account for every conceivable example of unacceptable behavior. SFFA will consider the spirit as well as the documentation of the incident when addressing any transgression.

As a SFFA Program parent, I:

• Understand that I am a role model and I am accountable for my actions and must lead by example at all times.

• Understand that my actions, both positive and negative, reflect directly not only on myself but also on the team, and GBYSA / Boca United FC A team and club’s reputation is built on positive behavior, courtesy, sportsmanship and playing ability.

• Understand that verbally abusing players, coaches, referees, spectators, or opponents is unacceptable.

• Will not coach, criticize, confront, argue with, or make negative comments intended for players, opponents,

• Coaches, referees, or other spectators. Sideline comments at practices and games should always be positive.

• Will support the coach and refrain from making inappropriate comments in front of my children, as they will

• carry that attitude onto the soccer field. This applies at home, on the field or in any soccer environment.

• Will encourage my child (with parent in attendance) to discuss soccer related issues with the coach.

• Will discuss constructive concerns regarding the coach, players, or club policies first with the coach, then if needed, with the Director of Coaching and/or Program Director. If Director of Coaching thinks it is needed, then the Board of Directors.

• Will abide by the “FIFA Rules of the Game” and the rules, policies, and procedures of Fusion SC, as well as those rules imposed at any corresponding tournament or host organization.

• Will use the 24-Hour Rule when I am concerned about soccer related issues that require me to talk with the coach. This is final. No parent should approach, talk, or communicate with a coach within 24 hours of the concern.

• Understand that coaches and the Director of Coaching are dedicated to a quality soccer experience. They are professionals and do what is best for my child.

• Will never coach from the sidelines in games or at practice. This only gives a negative effect to my child and confuses my child.

• Trust the coach and the club to provide my child with a curriculum that benefits their development.

• Will always refrain from discuss my child or any other child’s development or placement with others. I understand this only provides a negative environment and does not help the club progress.

• Will only focus on the development of my child and base their development on enjoyment, ability, and experience. Winning does not come first.