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South Florida Football Academy

Financial Aid Program

Financial Aid Application – Instructions

Please complete this form in full when applying for 2024-25 Financial Aid for the South Florida Football Academy

Please note that we have a limited amount of Financial Aid funds available,therefore; we may not be able to grant you the full amount requested. To assist in paying your child’s club fee we suggest parents attempt to solicit donations/sponsorships in part or in full from local businesses and/or family members. SFFA is a not-for-profit organization.  Therefore, any such donations/sponsorships are tax deductible for businesses that make them. Please note that we can only offer a maximum 50% of the club fee in financial aid for those who qualify for aid. Also, Financial Aid does not cover the required deposit and/or tournament and travel fees.

In order to receive Financial Aid, Parents, and/or High School age players will be required to provide a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer service to SFFA. High School players can use these hours to satisfy their need for required community service hours. These hours can be completed during SFFA related events, during your child practices times, and may include a variety of activities associated with running the organization. When you apply for the Financial Aid you will be assigned tasks (with specific date and time when you will have to help the club). After completing monthly service hours SFFA will issue you a credit on your account.

Failure to complete these hours or refusing 3 consecutive requests to volunteer will result in the SFFA Finance Committee withdrawing any financial aid given and you will be responsible for full payment of all program fees.

Please fill out the attached form in its entirety.

Attach a copy of last year’s 1040 tax return).  You need to submit a copy of a utility bill, and last year’s report card for each child. The $500 deposit to secure your child’s registration is not included in financial aid and must be paid.  Payment arrangements can be made for the deposit amount.

Please Email these forms to:

If you have any questions regarding this application or club financial matters in general please email: 

Thank you,