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South Florida Football Academy

MLS Policies

MLS Policies - What You Need To Know

MLS Policies and our SFFA objectives is to help and encourage individual players on their pathway to professional and college soccer.

Players are allowed to go on trials with MLS clubs during the season however all transfers should be done in the summer. These  policies are put in place to allow our SFFA Program the opportunity to run smoothly and provide opportunities for the players in our geographical area to be seen by National team scouts, professional scouts, college scouts and more.

– All SFFA players are not allowed to play school soccer. The objective of the DA is to have the top players train in 1 environment at a time and our club policy is that we select players to be full time based off their soccer abilities, character & commitment to the team for the full DA season.

– All SFFA players have to commit to all the games including the out of state games and showcases.