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South Florida Football Academy

SFFA Style of Play

SFFA Style Of Play – Possession Based Approach

Building– We will be brave and problem solve when building out of the back and playing through the thirds.
Creating goal scoring opportunities- We will take creative risks, be aggressive with and without the ball and be dynamic in order to create goal scoring opportunities.

Attacking to defending- We will react collectively with speed and aggression upon losing possession, attempting to win the ball back as quickly as possible. If we don’t win the ball back quickly then we will reorganize and get into our defensive shape.

Pressing- We press as high as possible and try to win the ball in the opponent’s half.
Defend own goal – Deny penetration, when closer to our goal, force the ball wide and/or away from our goal.

Defending to attacking – In winning the ball we counter attack fast, if we can’t go forward fast then we keep the ball and be patient.